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A wine professional since 1999 and a wine enthusiast since my youth, the goal for Grapelive was and is to focus on small production “terroir” driven wines that have a real sense of place about them and to highlight the amazing people that make them . The Wine World has many great stories to be told and secrets to uncover and Grapelive will travel the world to bring them to light and relate them to you. Based in the Monterey Bay area,  Grapelive continues to search out and highlight the passionate winemakers and interesting wines of California and beyond. Having been a long time wine consultant and buyer I have been involved in marketing, sales and public relations, for wine merchants, wineries and award winning restaurants I feel I have a depth of insight into the wine business to offer a unique view.  That comes from being involved in the business day in and day out for over 20 years. My time working at wineries themselves, selling wines directly to customers, as well as attending world class seminars and thousands of trade tastings has given me access to some of the greatest wines and winemakers and this certainly has given me a voice within the worldwide wine community. Through wine travel, especially my time in Italy and Germany, I have learned so much about wines magic, culture and historic significance which I hope to relate to my readers.  I have given wine classes, hosted rare wine tasting events and through new media have connected with thousands of wine enthusiasts and professionals, for which I’m grateful and humbled. I love the wine business and enjoy finding new wines and exploring new regions, and of course writing about my travels and the wines as I go. Grapelive has been providing content, wine reviews, breaking news and in depth articles since 2001. Please visit often to see what is setting trends from small producers and wine regions from around the world.

Guest Contributors

Bradley GraySpecial Guest Contributor

Bradley Gray is a 27-year wine industry public relations professional and journalist.

His journalism background covers wine, rock and roll and automobile racing. His weekly wine columns have appeared in The Sonoma Valley Sun and Marin Scope Newspapers. He was the Sonoma Valley Regional Correspondent for Appellation America. In addition, his work has appeared in The Wine Spectator, Grapevine Magazine, Vogue, CineSource Magazine, Grapelive.com, Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, Sonoma Magazine, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Dot.Direct Magazine, Viansa At Home Magazine, FineLife Magazine, The Sonoma Index-Tribune, Weekender Magazine, Leeds Guide Weekly (U.K.), Patchwork Tsushin Magazine (Japan) and others.

Bradley owns Gray Matters Communications, a wine business PR firm.

In his personal life, he enjoys collecting vintage wristwatches, automobile racing, antiquing and bicycling.

Contact: bradley@vom.com


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