Grapelive Daily Pick

By Kerry Winslow


schonborn05.gif2005 Weingut Schloss Schonborn Riesling Spatlese “Hattenheimer Pfaffenberg” Monopole, Graflich Schoenborn’scher Eingenbau, Rheingau, Germany.
This is a perfect introduction to Rheingau Spatlese Riesling and a prime example of terroir wine from a quality producer from this classic region. Schonborn is known worldwide for its wine and this Riesling comes from a monopole vineyard plot in Pfaffenberg making just that extra bit special and makes for a unique wine. I tasted this white blind, and at first I though it was a Mosel, because the fruit was so pure and clean with bright flavors and very subtle flint and petrol which I feel are more aggressive in the Rheingau than the Mosel, plus the alcohol and sugar seemed lower, again more like a top Mosel, but in the end the classic Rheingau flavors won out, all in a good, if not great way! The nose is full of Rose petal, verbena and candied tropical fruits, but not too fruity or sweet and there is plenty of mineral and acidity to make for a really well balanced wine. The palate is lush and round giving richness and depth, starting with white peaches, stone fruits and exotic island fruits with hints of citrus and citrus flowers. After some air lots of savory apricot come forward with tangy green apple in the background along with that subtle rocky flint and petrol notes. This is a very good wine that is a pleasure to drink and easy to love, and I do love it! ($27-35 Est.) 94 Points, grapelive



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