2015 Maison Leroy, Bourgogne Rouge, France.
It’s rare treat to drink Leroy, any of Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy’s wines are treasures to cherish, and while we all dream of her vintage Musigny or other such legends, this new 2015 Bourgogne Rouge is still wonderfully exciting to taste, and it didn’t disappoint with beautiful detail, tart freshness and lovely lightness and Pinot Noir purity. Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy was one of the early leaders in Burgundy’s embrace of biodynamics and brought it to the attention of the top estates, including DRC, and her wines show an early charm and inner energy that is hard to resist. The Bourgogne Rouge 2015, a vintage to stock up on if you can, starts with subtle floral tones, damp earth and bright red fruits leading to a satiny palate, but one that shows vibrancy and pop, delivering a mix of racy cherry, cranberry, bramble berry, plum and apple skins as well as mineral, stone and faint smoky wood notes, gaining complexity and weight with air, though remaining tightly focused throughout, this is a pretty wine, certainly not a riotous or blockbuster, just a wine to humbly and gratefully enjoy. True to place and varietal, this is not overly ripe or endowed, it just has the right stuff, it seemed spicy, delicate and nicely edgy, but still refined and graceful, it lingers and holds your attention and should prove a worthy purchase for years to come, it should evolve and give lots more depth and pleasure in time, I wouldn’t mind having a few around in let’s say 6 to 10 years. A year to buy, no question, especially from a legendary Domaine like Leroy!
($60 Est.) 92+ Points, grapelive

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