2015BedrockNouveau2015 Bedrock, Nouveau Zinfandel, California.
It took me way too long to get my hands on this wine, I should have tried it back in November, but it was almost impossible to find, this is Bedrock’s Zin tribute to Beaujolais Nouveau and it is really fun and tasty! Great China in Berkeley is still pouring it by the glass and that is were I got my first taste of this carbonic Nouveau Zinfandel made by Morgan Twain-Peterson. It smells a bit like bubble gum and has classic fruity character, but I enjoyed it and it was surprising good with food, with ripe plum, sweet strawberry, a bit of raspberry jello, cranberry and cherry fruits on the palate. This light/medium bodied Zinfandel plays the part of Gamay very well, it is bright and vibrant with nice dark flavors and even though it is quite simple it pleases the senses. This is fun stuff and I hope Bedrock keeps making it, I will be much quicker in getting it next time if they do, to celebrate the vintage. Of course this won’t blow your mind with depth or complexity, but it does give you a hint that 2015 should be a pretty darn good year and you must admire the serious time and effort to make it, just so we can have some fun, hats off to Bedrock, it was worth the wait and fingers crossed for this year!
($20 Est.) 87-89 Points, grapelive

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