2014SuccesTrepot2014 Succes, Trepot, La Cuca de LLum, Conca de Barbera D.O. Spain.
The Succes La Cuca de Llum made from the rare Trepot grape is a delicate and natural red, lighter and brighter than you’d imagine a wine from the wilds of south west Catalunya would taste like, it reminds me a bit of Nerello Mascalese and Poulsard if you ever were to mix the two! These come from vines near the Montblanc region which has higher elevation, dramatic landscapes and a mix of fine terroir with soils that are mineral rich with schist and granite veins. Trepot, an ancient varietal that was almost exclusively found in Cava is making a remarkable comeback from near extinction and or obscurity to be the darling of this lesser known and rugged region. Tiny amounts of this beauty are imported by Trumpet Wines, and while almost impossible to find, you should search for these wines from Succes, the white is very good and unique too, but the Trepot, raw and transparent really is a seductive creature, vibrant, vivid and alluring with tart cherry, raspberry, exotic tea notes and dusty spices make it wildly compelling. The light ruby color, lifting acidity and earthy fruits lead the way in this intriguing light to medium bodied red with natural alcohol just over 12% (12.5% in this vintage) it also makes you think of the mineral driven reds of the Loire. Minty/lavender, spiced red peach and bitter herbs also come through on the light structured palate along with strawberry/rhubarb add tangy contrast as well as a hint of savory stone elements with lingering chalk, saline and red currants. This is a fun and interesting red to wine geek out to, drink over the next 2 to 3 years.
($17 Est.) 90 Points, grapelive

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