VajraBubblesnv Vajra, N.S. Della Neve, Extra Brut Rose, Sparkling Wine, Piedmonte, Italy.
This is beautiful and exotic Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir made in a brisk and vibrant, ultra dry style bubbly from Giuseppe Vajra, better known for his Barolo, this handcrafted Champagne style sparkling is a stellar effort. The color is vivid and striking in the bottle and the glass and the palate is as cool and steely as some of those geeky Pinot Meunier cuvee(s) that we grower producer Champagne fans covet, if you are fans of Prevost, Savart or Bouchard you’ll want to get ahold of this beautiful bubbly, Vajra has done with Sparkling what he did with Riesling, both are wines that you would never have expected to come from Piedmont and in particular the heart of Barolo! This severe and tangy Rose is alive with intensity and energy with a dynamic mineral core, a light dusting of spices, faint florals and lots of zesty citrus along with a subtle brioche leesy feel, all perfectly set against tension filled acidity. The profile is much more refined than the hue of bright pink would lead you to believe and mousse is poised almost delicate in the mouth, the main thrust is red peach, apple skin, earthy strawberry and mandarin orange with a hint of anise, wet stones and the impression of rose oil. There is a vigorous and edgy tone that stays throughout, this brilliant Extra Brut never dulls or loses it’s lightness, this is a fantastic and intriguing wine that just plain and simple rocks!
($38 Est.) 92 Points, grapelive

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