2014JamainPG2014 Denis Jamain Domaine de Reuilly, Pinot Gris, Reuilly AC, Loire Valley, France.
This is an electric and intriguing white from Denis Jamain at Domaine de Reuilly in France’s Loire Valley, and it is unique for being Pinot Gris and that with it’s subtle skin contact it is sometimes thought of as a Rose. The 2014 is more golden in color, it is not as pinkish in hue as it can be, but it still will be drunk as if it was a Rose, even though it is not from a red grape, and why not, it is exotic, delicious and vibrantly refreshing. This mineral driven wine is exciting and vivid with steely notes, zesty acidity and is totally dry on the palate, this is a great Summer sipper and goes well with lots of cuisine options, and it is just too cool and fun to miss, so don’t! The latest version of the Jamain Pinot Gris, again starts with the golden color with a faint hint of orange this year, with white flowers, pea gravel, peach and a mix of citrus, sour cherry and tropical fruits along with flinty mineral, saline and melon notes. Rather than fruity or savory, this wine always shows mineral and stones foremost, it is delicate and detailed with a kick of acidity, it is best served very chilled and should be drunk over the coming year, young and vital. This is a wine that is not easy to classify or put into a perfect box, but it has a niche and a solid following, it’s a Pinot Gris gone native, an example of a terroir stamping it’s mark on the varietal and a winemaker guiding it to a special place, I love it for it’s style and racy character, I highly recommend you look out for it and enjoy it on the warm days ahead, drink from 2015 to 2017.
($28 Est.) 93 Points, grapelive

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