2015monasterionovicio2015 Monasterio de Corias, Albarin Negro/Mencia Cangas Joven Selección “Novicio” Asturias, Spain.
There are some wines, where points and seriousness are not part of the joy of just drinking good wine and while this wine is serious and outstanding through an objective lens it is a wine I just like to drink and smile with, the Monasterio de Corias Joven Novice Albarin Negro-Mencia is absolutely a pleasure in the glass. The 2015 Novicio is wonderfully textured, no oak, juicy red wine that is pure and deeply flavorful with dark purple/garnet hues and vibrantly refreshing, though earthly complex with a lovely mix or black, blue and red fruits, loamy stoniness, lightly spicy and with a touch of savory and floral tones. A blend of the rare Albarin Negro, not relation to Albarino, and Mencia, the Monasterio de Corias Novicio is native yeast fermented in stainless, from 30 year old vines near the old Monastery where the winery gets it’s name, and raised in vat with no oak for a short time, only about 1,200 cases get made of this delightful red, when I need a pleasing everyday wine I can always trust this one to bring lots of happy contentment to my being! This lovely and easy to love quaffer, dark, but not heavy, shows blackberry, cherry, plum and blueberry fruits that are both fruity and tangy with soft tannins and bright acidity, making for a medium weighted wine of verve, playful on the palate and slightly rustic in a cool way, like a lighter Syrah with the earth and peppery spice, but fresh like Chianti can be plus elegantly poised like a fresh Pinot Noir or Bourgogne along with a touch of Jura (Trousseau) or Beaujolais (Gamay) added in! Kind of hard to put this fun and well crafted wine in a narrow box, but what is true is it’s unique and delightful nature, and it’s exceptional value! This is a brilliant wine made by wonderful people in northwest Spain, look for this food friend red, it is also a great holiday meal wine that pairs well with the classics.
($20 Est.) 92+ Points, grapelive

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