FloridoMoscateln.v. Bodegas Cesar Florido, Moscatel Especial, Medium-Sweet Sherry, Chipiona, Jerez D.O. Spain.
Sherry is vastly underrated as a food wine and it makes for a really special and flattering companion to Thanksgiving dinners, in particular medium-dry, medium-sweet and cream sherry styles, plus Pedro Ximenez for desserts works beautifully. I love the rare Moscatel Sherries with turkey and sweet potatoes or yums with floral notes and decedent texture plus exotic tropical fruit and sweet honeyed nut flavors they add lots of joy to the tastes of the holiday table. The Bodegas Cesar Florido Moscatel Especial is one of my favorites, it’s from the Jerez zone in Chipiona, an area almost exclusive to growing Moscatel with sandy soils and ancient vines, the Bodega was founded back in 1887 and is just southwest of Sanlucar, not too far from the sea. The Cesar Florido Moscatel Especial is not overly sweet or cloying with a nose of jasmine and sea breezes leading to a rich palate of peach tart, pineapple, honeyed mango, orange rind, apple butter, pecan and almond oil. the balance to wonderful with a contrast of briny nutty elements with the sweeter fruit playing well together. This well crafted Sherry goes great with cheeses and is great pre meal too, along with Tapas of course, Cesar Florido’s Moscatel is lovely stuff and a great deal with tons of character. It’s sad people tend to overlook fine Sherries, I highly recommend checking them out during the holiday season, especially Equipo Navazos, Lustau, Alvear, El Maestro Sierra and Cesar Florido!
($14 Est. 375ml/bt) 92 Points, grapelive

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