Beaujolais Nouveau 2013
Nouveau13It’s time, the first wine of the vintage, a time to get all Beajolais Nouveau giddy and start your Gamay hangover! The third Thursday in November is celebrated now throughout the world as a harvest festival, well sort of the St Patrick’s Day of wine, it is a totally awful, crass and made up commercial event, but we love it anyway. While Nouveau is frivolous and light hearted, sometimes it can give details into what to expect from the vintage, a few people even judge their Burgundy purchases on what they find in the Beaujolais Nouveau, though this is remarkably silly, though there might be a slight amount of insight to be gained, plus it is just plain fun to party with fresh juicy wine without pretense. In some cases Nouveau can be stunning, in fact I forgot about a few bottles of Nouveau one vintage, 2009 in fact, and discovered to my surprise that after 2 years it was highly enjoyable and very very good, though that must be a rare experience. Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day, time to get your Gamay on and be playful, happy and unrestrained, Cheers!

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