2011 Sheldon Wines, Vinolocity Blanc, Sonoma Coast. (Re-visit-update)
I know I reviewed this wine already, but I thought it would be relevant to update as it has really changed in the last four months and in dramatic fashion for the better even, and I might have have been a bit quick to review this one in the first place. The latest Vinolocity Blanc is a white Rhone style cuvee of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Viognier coming mostly from cool coastal sites and crafted by the artisan winemaking team of husband and wife, Dylan & Tobe Sheldon at their micro winery in Santa Rosa. Having followed Sheldon since they began and being friends prior, I am of course somewhat bias, but sometimes a bit critical too, as things go, though I am really enjoying the evolution of their style and the latest set of wines are certainly outstanding wines full of character and unique. The 2011 Sheldon Vinolocity Blanc is one of my favorites, I had said much the same about the 2009 Naris and the 2010 Vinolocity Blanc, but this new wine has really developed beyond expectations and blossomed in depth and richness with loads of texture and length. The nose has come around too with hints of white flowers, mineral and peach notes leading to a round and full palate of apricot, pear, peach and tropical citrus with a creamy butterscotch and apple butter element, plus hints of pepper and star anise. Overall it is the balance and texture that shine throughout and make for comparisons with fine white Rhone wines, along with the heightened pleasures of the layers of flavors that unfold and linger on the finish. This wine has plenty of acidity and slightly lower alcohol, making it easy to drink and I can say it went very quick at Christmas dinner, so I it might be best to have more than one bottle around.
($32 Est.) 94 Points, grapelive

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