HidaldoWellingtonNV Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana, Sherry, Palo Cortado “Wellington” 20 Years V.O.S. Jerez-Xérès, Andalucia, Spain.
The dry Palo Cortado Wellington 20 Sherry from Hidalgo is magnificent and beautiful with lots of savory character and a long fantastic finish, this is sublime stuff from the Jerez region of Spain, and perfect with a range of tapas. Sherry is a mysterious and complex world that can really intrigue and excite, from dry to sweet it is magic and a world to explore, I am grateful to Duende Restaurant in Oakland for offering this fine and distinct Sherry on their eclectic by the glass wine list, it went great with all their delicious small plates, this Spanish-World cuisine bistro downtown Oakland is a must visit spot for fun, food and interesting Sherry, the food is terrific and the place has a cool easy charm that makes it comfortable and exciting. We started with a fresh Fino made with Pedro Ximenez that was a super clean refreshing palate cleanser before finding this gorgeous Palo Cortado which was lovely amber in the glass and dry on the palate with a rich oily quality, but not over the top and it still has some acidity, plus lots of classic nuttiness with pecan, cashews and hazelnuts along with hints of orange rind, lemon and peach fruits plus sea salt, brine and caramel. Palo Cortado is a rare type of Sherry, it is a unique style that doesn’t often happen, it is started as a Fino, under Flor, but somehow starts to oxidize so they fortify it, only about 2% of Sherry grapes go through this and become Palo Cortado, it is also a crisp wine, but gains richer flavors, it is divine and glorious stuff and the age adds complexity, this is a Sherry lovers dream. Great with tapas, cheeses or sipping, it proved a wonderful companion and I will be re-visiting it and Duende again soon!
($38 Est. 500ml) 94 Points, grapelive

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