2012GDVajraRiesling2012 G.D. Vajra, Riesling, Langhe Bianco, Piedmonte, Italy.
The G.D. Vajra Riesling is an exotic expression of this varietal and has been a huge hit in the region, with many more top producers either planting Riesling or planing to in the near future, it looks as if Riesling has found a welcoming home in the Langhe. The G.D. Vajra Riesling is mostly from select Alsatian clones some provided by Marcel Deiss and a bit of a Nahe German clone, so they have pedigreed vines and it shows in the wine and the quality that is in the glass. The latest release from this Barolo house is full of rich detail and and loaded with unique character, this wine is neither French Alsatian or German in feel or style, this wine brings something new and distinct to the Riesling world and while the 2010 and 2011 might have been a bit more intriguing, this 2012 is a lovely and graceful wine. Even though the price seems a bit high, which knocks a few points off the top here, this is a worthy search and a very savvy choice, the 2012 is dry, fresh and filling with entertaining flavor and class. The bouquet is a touch floral and bright with citrus blossoms and delicate rose petals which leads to a full mouth, this wine has texture and expands gracefully on the palate with white peach, tropical notes, lime and green melon along with sea salt, oyster shells and tea spices. There is just of hint of sour cherry and petrol, but with air there is fuller stone fruits, apple and chalky mineral, this nicely complex Riesling subtly shows it’s nervy acidity, this wine isn’t as electric as it’s German cousins or as dense as some of it’s French Alsatian brothers, but it certainly deserves some attention. Look for this Langhe to develop further over the next 3 to 5 years, though I might suggest to drink this vintage in it’s first 2-4 years, best from 2015 to 2018.
($50 Est.) 92 Points, grapelive

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