SolterSektnv Solter Sekthaus, Riesling Brut, Rheingau Germany.
I will always remember visiting Solter and tasting in the old cellars with the late Helmut Solter in Rudesheim, it was sad to hear of his death recently, but it was it was with good memories of the man and his wine when I got to taste the latest sparkling Riesling again. In 2009 I showed up in Rudesheim, walked across town and found the ancient cellar where Solter is and I waited, and I waited, it turned out I caught Helmut on a day where he had some stressful appointments with bankers and he was an hour and half late to meet me, but finally after I almost gave up he returned and graciously gave me an exclusive tour, in the process of drinking almost 2 and a half bottles of his own bubbly, and he told many tales of exploding bottles that ripped apart half the bottling line and when he got suckered into buying very expensive Germany oak barriques that turned out useless and horrid, and of which he stacked out front of the tasting room as a monument to a failed experiment! It was a great time, and it all still makes me smile, but the Sekt was beautiful and it still is today. The family and tradition continues, and the Solter wines are as good as ever, especially the Brut Riesling Sekt which tastes like pure Riesling with a fine Champagne like mousse and complexity. It starts with a hint of rose petal, hazelnut, lime and earth leading to an energy filled palate of flinty spice, citrus, apple and brioche/dough with a striking light catching gold hue. This dry bubbly is Rudesheim in a flute, this is great terroir driven stuff with class and a touch of humor. Thanks and cheers to the late Helmut Solter, you are missed, but your Sekt lives on.
($30 Est.) 91 Points, grapelive

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