2004Dom2004 Dom Perignon, Brut Vintage Champagne by Moet et Chandon, France.
The world’s most glamorous symbol, the iconic Dom Perignon luxury Champagne is still a magic force in wine and the 2004 vintage is a smash hit, in fact in the depressed UK market this years allocation of Dom Perignon 2004 sold out in hours! The US market is slowly seeing the roll out now, but considering how limited and serious this vintage is, it may sell out before the end of the year. Make no mistake, while this bubbly tends to be a status symbol, a once a year treat or a gift to someone you want to impress, it is a great Champagne, even though it should sit in a cold cellar for a decade or more, especially this beautiful 2004, it is way to young to even begin showing all the glorious character is surely has. The 2004 is not exotic or fatty rich like the freakish 2003 vintage, in fact it is much more austere, lean and withdrawn in comparison, but that said it has vigor, intensity and an inner core of soulful grace that should it remarkable rewards for those that put some away in the cellar. The latest Dom shows a heightened toasty note, yeast, birch and nutty side now with very slowly emerging fruit, hints of lemon, peach and apple faintly come through on the palate along with tension filled acidity, mineral and fine mousse. This dynamic Champagne is filled with energy and class, I only hope that I get a chance to taste it in it’s full maturity, in about, let’s say 15 to 20 years! Tasting Dom still is a treat, it is a standard in the industry, and while it is much hyped and while there is many a fine sparkling wine that rival it, it is a lovely wine and certainly this latest vintage is a class act.
($180 Est.) 94+ Points, grapelive

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