2008MdBZibibbo2008 Marco de Bartoli, Zibibbo Integer, IGT, Dry White Wine, Sicily, Italy.
This very exotic white comes from Marsala and is made from the Zibibbo grape, which is related to Muscat, with a sweet jasmine perfume, ultra dry palate, savory and salty in style with cloudy golden yellow color. A blast of unsweetened dried pineapple and tropical essences, citrus crispness and chalky mineral are there on the palate with hints of oxidation now coming through, though not unpleasant and while hints of nuts come through it is not severe. Honestly, not a mainstream wine, only a handful of wine geeks are ever going to love this wine, but it is intriguing and wild. I have had it a few times, and enjoyed being able to re-taste it with a few more years of age, and I found it quite appealing at this stage and the briny elements were fun and the unique style is admirable. (I have noticed some bottle variation and each is a bit different) The lingering mix of tropical fruits, wet limestone,almond oil and orange rind add to the complexity of this rare wine. Marco de Bartoli’s Marsala’s are some of the great wines of the world, and this wine is one of the base elements for their solera, be sure to check this great winery out.
($45 Est.) 92+ Points, grapelive

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