2006SchonbornKabinett2006 Schloss Schonborn, Riesling, Kabinett, Estate, Rheingau Germany.
The 2004 and 2006 vintages in Germany often get overlooked, but they have turned out very nicely and there are many fine wines from these years still available, and at great prices, like this lovely 2006 Schonborn which is all from their Hattenheimer Cru in the Rheingau. Schloss Schomborn is one of the most famous estates along the Rhein and Hattenheimer is an ancient and prized site, these are wines of classic grace, depth and vibrancy, and this mostly dry, semi sweet Kabinett offers mature character and elegant balance with pretty flavors and joyful mouth feel. The 2006 Schloss Schonborn Estate Riesling Kabinett starts with spice, mineral, dried white roses and apple butter, leading to a supple palate of poached peach, tangerine, apple pie, clove, fig and salty wet stones along with hints of honey and marmalade as well as juicy soft acidity. This enjoyable and pure Riesling has lots of life left, but it is really at a good point right now and at this stage it has everything you’d want and is a very admirable wine. Imported by Rudi Wiest, the Schloss Schonborn wines are available in limited markets, but a little search will be rewarded.
($18 Est.) 92 Points, grapelive

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