2011grosjeanPA2011 Grosjean Freres, Petite Arvine “Vigne Rovettaz” Vallee D’ Aoste, Italy.
Petite Arvine is wonderful and interesting gape that makes fine and elegant whites here in Italy’s smallest growing region, high in the mountains close to both the Swiss and French borders, with the French giving the most influence in this tiny alpine area, though Petite Arvine is found in some of the best Swiss whites as well. This dry and crisp white is bursting with energy and vibrancy from start to finish with an almost like Riesling sizzle and mineral laced palate, but there the likeness ends as Petite Arvine takes on a spiced pear, river stones and grapefruit notes with citrus blossom, anise seed, mountain herbs and apple notes with a touch of melon and orange rind. This clean, pure and vivid white impresses for it’s subtle richness and zesty nature, making for an exciting and elegant wine that would be great with fish, ham or light poultry dishes.
($35 Est.) 92 Points, grapelive


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