2013SheldonRose2013 Sheldon, Graciano Rose, Ripkin Vineyard, Lodi.
Almost certainly, the Sheldon Rose of Graciano must be unique in the wine world, it may just be the only single varietal labeled Graciano Rose in existence, if not the only then one of a very few, and it is very tasty indeed. Graciano is one of the reds grapes of Rioja, it is tricky to grow and is rarely used as a mono-varietal wine, though it does well in the Canary Islands where it is known as Tintilla, the Sheldon’s get theirs from a small plot found in Lodi, grown on limestone soils, they also make a limited edition red from here too. Tobe Sheldon along with Dylan Sheldon her husband are a new generation of winemakers in California looking to explore away from the mainstream and take some risks, they are making wonderful pure expressions and more elegant styles of wine, including this rose of Graciano, but also delicate Grenache Noir, Grenache Blanc, Pinot Noir, a claret like Cabernet Sauvignon and an old vine field blend from a wild backyard vineyard in Calistoga. All of the latest set are lovely and poised wines, with low natural alcohol and good acidity, they are bright, fresh and flavorful. The new 2013 Rose is dry, juicy and exotic, it sings like song birds on a warm summer morning and shows red berry, watermelon, tart cherry and strawberry fruits along with pink citrus, mineral and a mix of spices and a hint of tropical essence. This might be the best version yet for this vibrant wine and it’s vivid hue and personality are sure to charm even the most jaded of wine drinkers, not much of this fine pink is made, get it quick and enjoy over the next 6 to 8 months.
($22 Est.) 91 Points, grapelive

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