2012LoosenQBA2012 Dr. L, Riesling QbA, Mosel Germany (Weingut Dr Loosen-Loosen Bros.)
The latest “DR L” by Loosen is a jazzy Riesling of fine detail and clarity with slight fruity sweetness and driving acidity showing class and easy drinking pleasure, especially charming at this price and the fact they make a ton of the stuff. Ernest Loosen and his team at Dr. Loosen make some great wines, and his expression of the Mosel is top notch, and even this simple example shows his touch with grace and style. The 2012 vintage is a sublime year, and even the cheapest wines can bring great rewards, the DR L is lively and mineral laced with green apple, honeyed pear, pineapple and full of citrus fruit along with touches of sugared apricot and flinty mineral spice, hints of sea salt, plus tangerine and orange blossom. This classic simple Riesling hits all the right notes and is again a super value, drink now for sure, and over the next 3-5 years.
($14 Est.) 89-90 Points, grapelive

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