Grapelive Daily Pick

By Kerry Winslow


thackreypn.jpg2007 Sean Thackrey Pinot Noir “Andromeda” Devil’s Gulch Ranch, Marin.
Wow, this is a wild wine, a true Thackrey creation and so hard to explain in words! To tell you what it tastes like almost takes away the surprise, I hate to give away too much, but it is sort of like a cross between Bandol and Burgundy, but with a real twist. If you have had Sean’s wines before you’ll understand and love this wine, but it will take a newcomer a little while to get it, though it will win anyone over, as long as you have an open mind. The nose is reduced and there is a balsamic note along with dried flowers and red fruits. The Palate is vivid and loaded with menthol, licorice and baked cherry with poached plum and lavender oil. After that first impression a more subtle side comes forward with mineral, truffle, spice and sweet herb notes. Sean Thackrey makes totally unique and wild wines and expresses his genius in every single one. ($45-60 Est.)
94 Points, grapelive

*available at $45


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