glkw081508.jpgIt is time, I’m all packed and ready to go. My mission, to visit the Oregon wine country and see the glory of the Pacific Northwest, from Portland to the Willamette Valley. You see, I’ve never been there, nope, I really have not been to Portland or the Willamette, and I’m excited as a kid at Christmas to see and taste it all. I am lucky, I have friends and connections there and I plan to tour some great vineyards and drink in some wonderful wines. My pals at Beaux Frères are going to give me the tour of their world beating Pinot Noir winery and hopefully steal a few barrel samples and see them prepare for the up coming harvest. Besides Beaux Frères, there is a full slate of great vineyards to visit and new wineries to discover and I’ll be posting updates when I can and getting my reviews up as fast as possible. While all my beer friends love Portland and the hot craft beer scene, there is an amazing wine scene too and I plan to uncover some of it and tell you about some cool places for wine lovers. Travel is life, and life is a journey! I can’t wait to soak it all in and relate it to you through my eyes, and palate. After years of admiring Oregon Pinot and singing its praises, I a finally going to walk the vineyards, feel the soil and get in touch with the terroir, so stay tuned and watch this page for all the latest.

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