2019 Leonard Kreusch, Riesling Feinherb, Estate Label, Mosel, Germany.
As we head towards the Riesling grape’s 589 birthday on March 13, it’s a great time to explore the full range of varietal offers from this noble grape, including the simple pleasure of a regional slightly off dry and fresh version like this one from Leonard Kreusch, a fourth generation producer with a few properties in the Rheinhessen and the Mosel, as seen here. This breezy and fruity Mosel Riesling is nicely balanced and lemon citrusy with crisp acidity, a light mineral tone and a floral bouquet, with enough residual sugar to go with spicy Asian cuisine, but not too much to be overtly sweet. This wine compares well with Dr. Loosen’s “Dr. L” basic regional bottling and is much more fun than the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc and or a generic Pinot Grigio in this price category, this wine would just fine at your local Chinese joint and or Sushi bar. This wine that is sourced from daily steep vineyards that have some red loam/sandstone and Devonian slate soils along the Mosel River, giving this wine a bit more character, wet flinty notes and a ripe peachy note. Produced wholly from the Kreusch family’s Schweicher Annaberg and Schweicher Herrenberg vineyards, both classified back in during thePrussian monarchy in 1868.

The Mosel Riesling by Leonard Kreusch, coming from a selection of estate owned sites, sees a temperature-controlled, cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks using a combination of natural and cultured yeast. After the primary fermentation is complete and first racking process, the winery says, this Riesling remains on the fine lees for a short period of time to gain depth, texture and complexity before bottling. A touch more body and drier than a Kabinett Riesling, the Kreusch Mosel Estate Label comes in at 11% natural alcohol that allows for the zingy vibrant feel and just a touch slight creaminess on the finish. After time in the glass, there’s classic lime, green apple and apricot fruits, along with bitter almond, herb, spice and saline accents that makes this one easy to like. This is a wine that reminds me of what you’d see at most local restaurants in the small villages along Germany’s famous rivers, by the glass or at wine fairs, it won’t blow you away, but nicely refreshing to sip on its own and or with simple foods. Honestly, being a real Riesling enthusiast, I might not search this wine out, but I certainly would love to have this as an option at my Indian bistro instead of some awful boxed wine or sickly sweet Moscato that they seem to think is a good idea to carry. Thanks to Wines of Germany USA for this happy little pale gold and value priced Riesling to start my Riesling celebrations this week!
($14 Est.) 87 Points, grapelive

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