2011 Weingut Selbach-Oster, Riesling “Zeltinger Schlossberg” Spatlese Trocken, Mosel, Germany.
This groovy dry Riesling is my Thanksgiving pick, and I certainly endorse it completely for any occasion you might feel the inch for a quality Mosel. This wine from Zeltinger Schlossberg is vibrant and tropical with sizzling intensity and focus which makes for a wine full of racy acidity, mineral spices and bright/tangy fruit. The nose has orange and white flowers with lemon/lime, verbena, passionfruit, white tea, green apple and lime with wet stones, flint and salty chalk notes. The fruit and acidity match up nicely here giving a textural depth that is hard to find in dry Mosels and still bone dry and full of energy, this is a fantastic Riesling that might be hard to do every year, but is the reward of a good vintage. Johannes Selbach is reaching new heights with this currant set of wines and the offerings are more than his usual great selection of fine Rieslings, especially his single block collection wines like Rotlay and Andrecht, it really is silly to not try Selbach-Oster 2011, as these wines are beyond stunning! The big Thanksgiving bonus is that this freaking good wine is under $30, for which I’m truly grateful. Happy Thanksgiving 2012.
($28 Est.) 94 Points, grapelive

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