Italian wines hold a special place in my heart and lots of us American’s are captivated by their romance and simple pleasures, all made more the unique due to the fact that we could not make the Cal-Itals taste or feel like the real ones. Well, until now! At first I was a non-believer and though I liked some Cal-Itals made with Sangiovese grapes, they were not very true to their Italian templates. Now I’m eating my words and thoughts that is because I have just tasted the line up of Palmina wines, which are the truest to their roots Italian varietals I’ve ever tried. Produced in tiny amounts, Palima delivers with quality wines crafted by the talented Steve Clifton (Brewer-Clifton, famed Chardonnay and Pinot Noir makers) these wines are not only dead-ringers for their Italian cousins, they are fantastic wines! I was blown away with their Nebbiolo that was a regal as any Barolo and even their pretty Arneis was a delight. While these wines will not replace the originals in my heart, they will be getting some space in my cellar!

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