n.v. Billecart-Salmon, Champagne Brut Rose, France.
It is nice when a classic gets even better, and that is my reaction to the latest release from Billecart of their famous delicately pink bubbly. The was a time a few years ago when I was not to thrilled by Billecart, it had seemed to become a tad tame and somewhat over priced, but the quality is back and the Brut Rose has more life and vibrancy, making for a very sleek and stylish sparkler. The Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose is vivid and fresh with tangy sour cherry, citrus and light strawberry notes with lots of mineral and doughy brioche. This version is playful and elegant with lots of brightness and vigor that dances on the palate with serious joy and hedonism. While not a bargain by any means, it is a pure and focused Champagne that pleases completely. The Billecart-Salmon Rose is made almost entirely of Chardonnay with the color, a pretty light salmon/pink hue, is from the addiction of still wine make exclusively Pinot Noir. This explains the richer details that come through on this well made Champagne and while I might not go for this sparker every time out it is great to know it is so good and it will be a good choice to consider for special occasions no question, Billy Rose is back in the game.
($85 Est.) 93-94 Points, grapelive


Avail at www.sfwtc.com ($68.95 Sale)

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