2010 Hippolyte Reverdy, Sancerre Rouge, Loire Valley.
Soft, delicate and refined Pinot Noir from the Loire Valley with light and elegant flavors of rose petals, cherry and plum with smoky mineral essences and tea spices. Hippolyte Reverdy is a wonderful producer in Sancerre and is known for their Sauvignon, but this rare Pinot Noir is a very lovely wine with remarkable finesse and grace. While it’s beauty is charming and dreamy this is not wine that will appeal to everyone, especial those looking for a big Pinot or a showy wine, as it is a whispering red that is extremely supple and transparent with a pale color. This is a wine that leaves a ghost like impression on the palate, but lingers on and on with subtle fruit and floral notes.
($26 Est.) 91 Points, grapelive

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