2009RochioliEstateCH2009 Rochioli, Chardonnay, Estate Grown, Russian River Valley.
After finding this bottle under some packing boxes, and after it being dragged from Rochioli to Carmel Valley, back to Sonoma County, to San Francisco and finally to Walnut Creek, I thought it best to open sooner vs later. I had really enjoyed it on release, but since it was ripe and seemingly low acid I was not entirely sure how well it would hold up, not that I was planning to keep much in the cellar, it is starting to mature in color and has really evolved, but it still has a good core of freshness and remarkable charm. The 2009 Rochioli Estate Grown Chardonnay is lively and shows a citrus groove with lemon chiffon, plus baked apple, pear and fleshy stone fruit with hints of fig, clove and butter cream all flowing across the palate in this now yellow/golden wine. This wine still can go another few years, but I’d say drink now for best results, the 2010 and 2011 wines might age better with their higher acidity and vigor. Still, it is a pleasure to drink this pure Californian Chardonnay, it was one of my last joys of 2013 and made for a complete and memorable evening, Rochioli will always be a favorite, regardless of my evolving tastes, trends and whims, this is a great California estate that never disappoints. Cheers to a great year of discoveries in 2014 and to uncovering past treasures.
($46-79 Est.) 93 Points, grapelive

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