BroadbentVerdelhoBroadbent, Madeira Verdelho 10 Year, Madeira, Portugal.
Some many times, Madeira, Port, Marsala and Sherry get overlooked, or thought of as an old persons tipple, so it is nice to see some real excitement coming out of these areas, especially in the last few years as a new generation emerges from the shadows both as producers and drinkers of unique styles of wine. Not that there is a huge youth movement in Madeira, but there does seem to be a new vigor and life coming forth, and this new series of 10 year Madeira(s) from Broadbent are hugely invigorating to this seemingly dusty wine segment and come as a welcome addition to the fine lineup of quality and affordable Madeira, and compete well with the Rare Wine Company series of Madeira, giving customers lots of great new choices. There are three new single grape 10 Year Madeira(s) in this Broadbent Selection, Sercial, Boal and Verdelho to go along with the classic 10 Year Malmsey, each showing a different character and level of dryness, and I especially love the excitement, lift and complexity in the beautiful Verdelho edition. The new release of Broadbent Verdelho 10 Year Madeira is vibrant with zesty citrus, poached peach with delicate nuttiness, hints of tropical dried fruit, caramel and burnt orange rind and a reduced nectarine and tangerine aftertaste. This very seductive and balanced Madeira that can go with many cuisine options and with a subtle sweetness and great focus makes for a highly enjoyable experience.
($50 Est.) 94 Points, grapelive

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