2013Gauthier2013 Pierre Gauthier, Domaine Bel Air, Bourgueil “Jour de Soif” Loire Valley Red, France.
I’ve been a fan of this Loire Cabernet Franc for a few vintages now, and highly recommend it for it’s stylish value and fresh vibrancy. The Pierre Gauthier Bourgueil Jour de Soif is an all organic Cabernet Franc from the the Loire with a medium weight body, mineral tones, mild spice and juicy fruit, it’s low alcohol and acidity add to the refreshing quality, but it does flow smoothly with ripe tannins and nice layers of flavor that includes dark flowers, peppery spices, garnet/purple hue and a mouthful of blackberry, cherry and plum fruits. As the wine’s name suggests, Jour de Soif, you could enjoy this for every or any day’s thirst, it is well made interesting and clean with classic earthy, stony notes, as well as subtle Loire Franc markers of green bell pepper and iron/steel elements in the background. The higher end cuvees from Gauthier show a bit more intensity with added leather/gamey notes, but for easy and lovely drinking it is hard to beat this one, this is plenty of wine for the money, it certainly would make for a savvy bistro selection, and would be great for picnics too.
($16 Est.) 91 Points, grapelive

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