2021 Ryme Cellars, Rosé of Aglianico, Heringer Vineyard, Clarksburg AVA, California.
This 2021 Aglianico Rosé by Ryme is an exceptional dry and mineral driven pink, that winemakers Megan and Ryan Glaab have really made their own, with its distinctive appearance, flavors and aromatics that are completely seductive with fabulous natural acidity and low alcohol delicacy. The 2021 takes an already great platform to the next level here with the Ryme Rosé of Aglianico delivering crystalline clarity with an ultra pale amber tinted pink color and divine layers of sour tart cherry, strawberry, ruby citrus, briery spiced raspberry fruits, steely mineral, peach flesh, saline notes and a hint of rosewater. Everything here is brilliantly laser focused and full of thrilling energy, and this Rosé joins an elite group of California examples, like Arnot-Roberts, Stars & Dust, Bedrock, Jolie-Laide and Filomena to name a few of the most interesting bone dry offerings that should be on your Summer drinking list. Ryme Wine Cellars, which winemakers Megan and Ryan Glaab founded in 2007, makes collection of seriously fun offerings with an accent on Vermentino, Cabernet Franc and Aglianico, a grape more commonly found in Campania Italy, like in this savvy Rosé, as well as a quaffable Sangiovese and Friulano blend, plus a couple of specialty sparklers that are deliciously unique. Ryme is a collaboration of this husband and wife team that are committed to a new take on California wine with old world sensibilities. Ryme’s wines are traditionally crafted and employ mostly natural methods with an admiration for California’s diverse terroirs, history and, as they put it, its sunny disposition.

As noted here at Grapelive.com, Ryme has searched out many different vineyard sites for their set of Aglianico red wines, mostly from warm areas to get this powerful grape ripe, but they needed a cooler site to do this exceptional Rosé and after a bit of searching they found the spot. The Heringer Vineyard, which is located in the Clarksburg AVA, known for its old California Chenin Blanc vines and that has a climate well suited to provide natural acidity, as seen here. With its stony, rich alluvial soils, its modestly warm days, as Ryme explains, plus the cool breezes winding through the nearby Delta, the Heringer Vineyard site has the perfect conditions to provide grapes for this lovely dry pink wine exclusively. The Glaab’s also note that the Aglianico struggles here to accumulate much sugar and rather than a dark and brooding wine, as it usually is, the fruit coming from this site helps retains more vitality and brightness. At just 20 brix and very high acidity, Ryme brought these Aglianico grapes into the winery where they were immediately cool whole cluster pressed to minimize its color extraction. Then it was fermented, all naturally without additions, in stainless steel and after primary was finished it was aged a short time neutral wood before a quick bottling. Just like the 2019 and 2020 vintages, this 2021 Rosé, with under 12% alcohol, really stands out and I am highly impressed with all of Ryme’s efforts with Aglianico, known as the “Barolo of the South” in its home country, because of its Nebbiolo like earthy/tannic character, and Megan and Ryan’s versions are truly outstanding wines that I highly recommend. This Rosé is great as a delicious and refreshing sipper all on its own, but can be paired with a wide range of foods, from sea foods to BBQ, do not miss it!
($25 Est.) 94 Points, grapelive

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