Riesling XXX Rated: The Pleasure and Pain, Tension and Release!

The fetish of Riesling, it’s what turns on acid freaks and those that want a gripping almost sexual experience in white wine, both dry and sweeter styles offer that sensual thrill with the grape almost turning into a lurid with the raw nakedness of a Henry Miller novel! The fruitier opulent Riesling, like an Auslese give you the glorious beauty and curvy allure of a Scarlett Johansson, white the Trocken (dry) versions offer a more Penelope Cruz like performance, that heightened sensation like a leather riding crop on your skin, that pleasure and pain that make your senses come to life! Riesling gives that otherworldly intense tension and release, it is sex in the glass, it can be wild and forceful or Gisha like, softy, silk oily textural lingering on and on in graceful, but tinglingly vivid subservience. Riesling is like exploring your inner most fantasies it reveals everything without shame in an electric shock wave of elation. Your Riesling playlist should include Beethoven’s 9th, Depeche Mode’s Master and Servent, Mazzy Star’s Fade into You, The Divinyls’ Pleasure and Pain and Berlin’s Sex… All the while watching the erotic Vicky Cristina Barcelona!

Riesling without question is the Grape of the Year!

By admin