2017 Weingut Friedrich Becker, Petit Rose, Pfalz Germany.
One of Germany’s best known Pinot Noir producers, Weingut Friedrich Becker, in the Pfalz crafts some beautiful and detailed wines in this unique terroir, these are wines that, especially their Pinots that have Burgundy like class and character. The winery is run by the Becker family, Friedrich Becker Senior and Junior, and have Gerard Paul, an Alsatian as their general manager as well as Sandrine Eichenlaub in vineyard and cellar along with Daniel Scheib, it’s tight team and the wines speak for themselves, and as someones that has tasted these wines on many occasions, as well as their collaboration projects, like they have with Johannes Leitz, you can’t help but be impressed. So it was with great enthusiasm I got to try their new dry Rose, which is made from Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Portugieser, the later being an old varietal that did not come from Portugal, but the Danube valley, as in Austria where it is known as Blauer Portugieser and used mostly in blends, and commonly found and used in light fruity red wines in Southern Germany, especially in the Pfalz. While nicely dry, the latest Becker Petit Rose is uniquely fruity and refreshing with bing cherry, strawberry, red citrus and pomegranate notes along with a light texture and soft acidity as well as a hint of peach flesh and a mineral element. Best served really chilled to get the best out of this fun little pink, while not overly complex or serious it offers lots of pleasure and will be great on warm Summer days.
($20 Est.) 87-89 Points, grapelive

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